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    ● The new generation energy conversion devices for clean and renewable energy _____________ ● Perovskite and transition metals, for electrode and catalysts_______ ● Development of SOEC materials to achieve highly efficient and stable hydrogen production______
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    Metal-Air Battery

    ● Electrochemical cell that uses a pure metal anode and an external cathode of ambient air with an aqueous electrolyte____________ ● Perovskite catalysts for cathode to improve the performance of the metal-air batteries_____________
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    Proton Conducting Oxide (PCO)

    ● Fast kinetics and low activation energy of proton transfer________ ● Wide range of operating temperature and material choice, which could solve critical issues for solid-state electrochemical devices
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    Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel cell (PEMFC)

    ● Low pollution, high power efficiency, low operating temperatures (55-95 oC) and stable power generation______________ ● Advanced catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in cathode using carbon-based materials_________
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